"When the world says, "Give up," Hope whispers, 'Try it one more time.' "


Thank god for California!

I love this place! The weather is awesome and people are so nice here! Just moved in to our new apartment, me, Melyssa and Gabriel. The street where it’s at is just so nice and green. I like it a lot!

Things have been pretty hectic the last couple of week’s since I didn’t really have a home. Good thing I have my best friend who took me in til’ we found our new apartment… My mom and sister was here to visit over spring break and we went to Vegas… That was awesome, though I don’t have any luck at all when it comes to gambling …. figured it’s because I’m so lucky with everything else 😉

Back to school on monday with a new schedule, that I made all by myself.. so classes end early for me this quarter, it leaves me with more time to lay in the sun and write awesome songs=) Hopefully I’ll start giggin’ more this quarter and next week, me and Alejandro is finishing up my song, finally…Hopefully it will be ready and mixed in a couple of week’s so I can put it up for you to hear it…We’re also gonna write a brand new song together! I really look forward to that! =)

Hope everyone out there has had an amazing day!


Love // Nasha


I’m back!

I haven’t blogged for a while….but now I’m back…=)

Last weekend I went into the studio to record my song “Lonely in L.A” , I had some really cool people with me, Alejandro and German from the Audio Engineering program had booked one of the best studios in school and they handled it all very well. The first day we had some musicians come in to record live drums, bass and guitar and the second day was just for the vocals, it turned out really great. We still need one more session to get all the vocals that we want though..Hopefully the song will be finished in a couple of week’s…

I have awesome news. I’m gonna record a video for this song and actually tomorrow I’m meeting with the guy who’s gonna direct it. I’m really exited about it, I have so many ideas for this song, think it can be really cool..I’ll keep you updated..It will probably go down in a month or so…=)

Right now I’m in the middle of final week in school and in two days I have spring break!! My beautiful mom and sister is coming to town! =) Last week I had my final performance in Stagecraft and Melyssa took some pictures of me right before…putting it up =)

Stay blessed!


// Nasha


Soon to move.


Sorry I haven’t been posting anything for a couple of days, guess I’m not really used to this blogging thing just yet. Right now I’m just about to leave home for school, I don’t have any classes on Monday’s but I have to go fix some thing’s for my move to downtown =) We’re moving out from our apartment this friday and the week after that I’m moving to downtown with my friend Alex! I’m excited! It’s gonna be nice with some change. Hollywierd is cool but not really livable…After I’ve been in school I’m actually gonna go on a little trip by myself to downtown to try the Metro and see how it feel’s to go from school to we’re I’m gonna live in two week’s.

This weekend I’m gonna record my original song and my friend Alejandro is going to help me in the studio. I can’t wait to see the end result! Been writing a lot of new stuff lately too and hopefully I might have time to record an acoustic version of one of  my songs this weekend as well, that would be awesome…

I’m putting up some pic’s from this weekend, my friend Taps had a gig on Saturday with his band FFC and they killed it!! He is amazing and I know he’s gonna be really successful! GO TAPS! =) I also had a really nice mexican date with my bestest friend Melyssa, we ate like never before! =)
So long!


Mexican food!! =)

Taps killing it!

Martin och Malin!

Bali (awesome guitarist, Malins boyfriend), Malin and Taps!



All I can think about is Frappuccino’s and Jalapeno Cheetos’. I truly don’t know what’s wrong with me..I wanna have it all day everyday, haha! The thing is that I have this rule that I must eat healthy during the week days and then on weekend’s I can eat whatever I want! That’s probably why I feel like eating Cheetos’ now, cause I’m not allowed to =)

Today was a nice day by the way, cold but nice. Can’t wait til’ it’s getting hot again though. My friend Alex told me about this café close to school so me and Melyssa went to check it out for lunch. I really loved it! It reminded me of Sweden, I have been looking for a cosy café here but it’s been hard to find, this place was lovely though =)

Other than that this day was like any other day’s, I had class, practiced vocals and keyboard. Tomorrow I have three performances in school, one in Vocal Performance class and two LPW’s (Live Performance Workshop). I’m thinking about recording them and if any of ’em is good enough I’ll post it 😉

My mum and sister is coming in three week’s. I’m so excited, I miss them so! ❤

Hope ur day was as good as mine!!

Love // Nasha

Café Audrey

Melyssa and me =)

Hangin' out in school lunch room

Babou is too cool for school


The sun’s shinin’ again!

Today was a good day, woke up and saw that the sun was shining! Finally, the rain was getting on my nerves =)

On my way to church I passed Farmer’s market as usual and I took some pictures to show u guys!

After that I went to school, practiced some scales and continued working on the song I started writing yesterday, I changed some things and actually it sounded better, but I had a hard time finishing the chorus so after hours of over thinking it I decided to let it go and go home and what happens? On my way home I come up with the chorus! I was so relieved, it’s so annoying when you’re writing a song and there’s that little piece missing. Apparently I write better when not writing if you get what I mean. When I relax and don’t try to think too much about it, it all falls into place. So when I came home I could finish the song and write the second verse. Feel’s really good! It turned out to be a pretty nice ballad after all.

Hope all of you had a great day wherever you are!!

// Nasha



Sun is shinin'

Farmer's Market



Frappo my boyfriend!

Sitting in an empty apartment right now..it’s 10pm and my roomie’s are probably out somewhere making Hollywood unsafe 😉 I came home from school like an hour ago, been sitting in a tiny vocal lab for hours, started off practicing piano but as always I couldn’t keep it up for too long, had to do something creative. So I started writing a new song, think it’s gonna be good, it’s a ballad, I think I have a thing for ballad’s…=) One thing that I do have a thing for is caramel Frappuccino’s with whipped cream,  A LOT of whipped cream, I love it! It’s my favorite! 😉 Can’t live without it!….OK…. I’m officially in love with Frappo! My new boyfriend!

And yeah I know I talk about it a lot but god what it’s raining here! It’s crazy! I had to walk home from school in the rain cause the shuttle didn’t go until 10 and I was so wet when I came home, it was like I had taken a shower with my clothes on! NO FUN! =)

I’m gonna try finish my new song now…

Love y’all!

// Nasha

Caramel Frappuccino

Singing in the rain…

Today is Saturday. I’m off to school any minute now. I feel like I need to practice some piano, it’s been a lot of other thing’s going on lately so I haven’t really focused on that and finals is coming up! We usually have one written test and one playing test but this time it seems like it’s only gonna be playing..I also feel like writing a new song..we’ll see maybe I’ll have a new hit on my hands tonight 😉

The original song that I told you about  is right now under production which is great and I really look forward to recording it in two week’s…

….and it’s still raining in Hollywood =)

// Nasha