"When the world says, "Give up," Hope whispers, 'Try it one more time.' "



All I can think about is Frappuccino’s and Jalapeno Cheetos’. I truly don’t know what’s wrong with me..I wanna have it all day everyday, haha! The thing is that I have this rule that I must eat healthy during the week days and then on weekend’s I can eat whatever I want! That’s probably why I feel like eating Cheetos’ now, cause I’m not allowed to =)

Today was a nice day by the way, cold but nice. Can’t wait til’ it’s getting hot again though. My friend Alex told me about this café close to school so me and Melyssa went to check it out for lunch. I really loved it! It reminded me of Sweden, I have been looking for a cosy café here but it’s been hard to find, this place was lovely though =)

Other than that this day was like any other day’s, I had class, practiced vocals and keyboard. Tomorrow I have three performances in school, one in Vocal Performance class and two LPW’s (Live Performance Workshop). I’m thinking about recording them and if any of ’em is good enough I’ll post it 😉

My mum and sister is coming in three week’s. I’m so excited, I miss them so! ❤

Hope ur day was as good as mine!!

Love // Nasha

Café Audrey

Melyssa and me =)

Hangin' out in school lunch room

Babou is too cool for school



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