"When the world says, "Give up," Hope whispers, 'Try it one more time.' "

Soon to move.


Sorry I haven’t been posting anything for a couple of days, guess I’m not really used to this blogging thing just yet. Right now I’m just about to leave home for school, I don’t have any classes on Monday’s but I have to go fix some thing’s for my move to downtown =) We’re moving out from our apartment this friday and the week after that I’m moving to downtown with my friend Alex! I’m excited! It’s gonna be nice with some change. Hollywierd is cool but not really livable…After I’ve been in school I’m actually gonna go on a little trip by myself to downtown to try the Metro and see how it feel’s to go from school to we’re I’m gonna live in two week’s.

This weekend I’m gonna record my original song and my friend Alejandro is going to help me in the studio. I can’t wait to see the end result! Been writing a lot of new stuff lately too and hopefully I might have time to record an acoustic version of one of  my songs this weekend as well, that would be awesome…

I’m putting up some pic’s from this weekend, my friend Taps had a gig on Saturday with his band FFC and they killed it!! He is amazing and I know he’s gonna be really successful! GO TAPS! =) I also had a really nice mexican date with my bestest friend Melyssa, we ate like never before! =)
So long!


Mexican food!! =)

Taps killing it!

Martin och Malin!

Bali (awesome guitarist, Malins boyfriend), Malin and Taps!


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