"When the world says, "Give up," Hope whispers, 'Try it one more time.' "


I have a great band!

It’s still raining in Hollywood… A lot!…I was soaking wet when I came to school for rehearsal, I didn’t have an umbrella either and that’s fun when you have to stop and wait for the red lights to change in a rain storm…Haha!

Had a great rehearsal with the band tonight…we had a lot of fun and it starting to sound really good! I’m so glad! Right now we got three cover songs down…Should do a video recording soon…Wanna show u guys how great my band is ! =)
One person was missing today though…hrm….seems hard to get a full band to rehearsal…

Tomorrow’s Saturday and I will probably go to school and try to practice as much as I can cause I have no life…haha … No but I really need to practice some keyboard, it’s starting to get  more difficult now and finals are coming up so……
I wanna be prepared…Now it’s time to sleep!


// Nasha


My amazing back up singers Julie and Tiffany

The musicians minus one

Cyrus tryna look his best

Erik's slappin' that bass

Jonathan is an amazing guitar player but even better at making beautiful poses


Rain, rain, rain…

Rain, rain, rain….apperantly there will be some kind of rain storm here tonight…We’ll see what happens. On Fridays I finish classes early so I decided to go to Ralph’s, a grocery store here…It’s a 15-20 min walk from my home, when I had come halfway it started raining…and I did not ware clothes for that..but I couldn’t turn back now could I?..So I just kept walking…to Ralph’s and back home…now I’m sitting here soaking wet..

On my way back a homeless woman stopped me and asked me for change…I gave it to her and then she told me the oddest things…Felt like she gave me a message….Do you believe that people you don’t know are sent to you sometimes with messages? I do…We just have to listen..

Rehearsal with the band tonight again…Now we got the two first cover songs down, and today we’re starting with a third…Confused about how to arrange my original song…Want it to be exactly as amazing as it can be…

Have the best weekend everyone!

// Nasha

Rollin’ on the river…

Today has been a very long day! We had pre-registration in school, that means going up too early to stand in line for too many hours to get an appointment for registration..
In my household we got up at 5 and was in school at 6, we wanted to be first in line..but  of course we weren’t =).. It was cool anyway…
It almost never rains in L.A but today my friends it had to rain, just because we had to stand outside in line for hours it just had to rain. Perfect! It was kind cosy though, we just talked about everything and nothing and listened to music tried to make sure nobody cut in line =)

Me and Melyssa took off after that, went to downtown L.A to look at a hotel that might be my home for the next couple of months, I haven’t decided yet though…It is further from school and I’d had to take the subway but it might be worth it…we’ll see =) Then we went to Danny’s ( like we always do) and ate a good lunch..then back to school..

The music is going good, the band had a rehearsal without me today when I had class and apparently that went good, we have rehearsal tomorrow and Friday as well so I guess we will keep working on my original song.

Me and Warren is starting to work on another project as producer/songwriter as well and that is going to be really fun! I can’t wait!

Tomorrow’s my second Vocal Performance class this week, we’re doing “Proud Mary”…putting up some pic’s from Tuesday’s class =)

Hope that you all had an amazing day! I’m heading to the gym!

// Nasha


Me in vocal performance class

Mathias and Jimi

Singing "Proud Mary"

Line for Pre-registration

Gabbi, Malin and Caroline tryin' to stay dry

Valentine’s day…

Today was Valentine’s day…..and that’s pretty much what I had to say about that…haha..and yeah, I wore a pink top =) Love being single by the way, you don’t have to think about anyone but yourself….and yes that sounded really selfish…I’m not, just like being by myself that’s all =)

I didn’t have any classes today so I spent half the day at home, I had a really good start of the day. Went to the gym in our building which was nice, I haven’t been able to work out in a while since I was sick so it felt really good…After that I rehearsed a cover song that I wanna do with the band for an hour before I went to school…a ballad by Leona Lewis, it will be great! Oh I really look forward to the studio session, and like I said yesterday, we’re gonna video record it aswell so it’s gonna be awesome.

I was in school rehearsing the rest of the day, was suppose to start working on my song with Warren but something came up so that had to wait… Then I went over to my friend Melyssa for a while, we had a little chat and she made me a Quesadilla, she’s the best =) Love her!

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s day wherever in the world you might be =)

LOVE // Nasha

Me and my beautiful Melyssa


This weekend I tried to do as little as possible, cause midterm week was a lot and I felt like I just needed to rest and do nothing. Yesterday there was a birthday party at Melyssa’s house that I went to though. Me and my roomie Kevin took some nice pics before going out that I’m gonna post =)

Tomorrow’s school again, and it’s week seven, only 4 more to go til’ spring break, and that’s when my mum and sister is coming to Hollywood, I can’t wait! It’s gonna be so much fun to show them around!Just hope they don’t get scared, haha!

I don’t have any classes on mondays though which is really nice, I try to use mondays for other things that I need to do and there is somethings that I  need to take care of tomorrow…Apartment hunting for example…

Me and Warren are gonna start working on the production for my song tomorrow night as well, I really look forward to that,  it needs to be done before the studio session that we have booked in 3 week’s so there is some work to do. For the studiosession in March, Warren’s gonna bring in a friend to make a video recording, that will be awesome! Hopefully I can post it here so you guys can hear the first recording of my song =)

Now I’m gonna watch the Grammy’s!


// Nasha


Masta the man!

I need to tell you about my amazing private song teacher,  Masta! He is one of the most intelligent, loving and talented people I’ve met and we always have the best conversations, he makes you think about things. Every time I’m walking out from my private lesson I feel like I’ve learned something about myself or my music, he is truly amazing. And he can sing like anyone. One time he sang a Jackson 5 song and he sounded exactly like young Michael Jackson! Totally amazing!

I also have him in “Stagecraft” which is an elective that I’m taking. In that class we get to learn how to be natural on stage, it’s a lot of improvisation and most of the time it’s nerve wracking =) He wants us to be aware of how we look on stage in the sense of not showing people that your nervous or don’t have any idea what your actually doing. This is very instructive and I feel like I’m getting more and more comfortable on stage thanks to that class. Actually I’ve been thinking several times in that class that it would be a perfect reality show, sometimes it’s hard not to laugh cause he is just so upfront with people, it’s hilarious, he really puts us on the spot, makes us go on stage without anything prepared, and we must look really funny when we try to make something out of nothing, we are supposed to not show that we are totally confused…Im really impressed with some of my class mates though that makes it seem so easy, they are just so natural on stage without even trying, it truly is a talent. But Masta is the best on bringing out those qualities in somebody that can’t see they have it…I wish you all could meet him..Im just gonna put a picture instead =)

Masta the man

Good night! Sleep tight!

// Nasha

Snap out of it!

Today has only been about songwriting to me, I’m just in the middle of writing a song for someone else which I never did before and I just can’t think about anything else, and it seems like when I’m in the “songwriting mode” I can’t pay attention to other stuff, like Warren said, my brain is occupied. I gotta learn how to snap in and out of that or I’m gonna go crazy…For example I actually had songwriting class today, and my teacher told us to do an exercise and when we were gonna start I realized I hadn’t been listening at all…I had been looking at her but what was going on in my head was melodies and words that didn’t have anything to do with that class….hrm….at least I’m being creative…thats good. So I have a couple of song in progress, both for me and other projects, hopefully it will be awesome.

I went to Verizon today to look for an iphone, but apparently I can’t buy one until I have a social security number…great…that might take a while..

Me and my friend Melyssa is moving in together in a couple of week’s but we don’t know where yet so tomorrow we are going to look at an apartment, thats gonna be fun, fun, fun!

Now I gotta go catch the school shuttle so I can go home and sleep, maybe write some lyrics too.. =)


Til’ next time….for my swedish friend’s….eat kebab for me…I miss it…alot.